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Saperavi-syrah dry red wine

Syrah, Saperavi
750 ml.
14 % vol

Origin: An unusual blend of the European Syrah and Caucasian Saperavi grapes, grown within the boundaries of the Kuban geographic object, not far from Anapa. The vineyard is located at the source of the Greater Caucasus, on the slope of the Semisam Ridge. The grape harvest started after grapes reached their full maturity. Processing is done at a winery located in the vineyard.

Color: Wine of an opaque dark red color with a cherry tint.

Aroma: Powerful, complex, with bright fruit and berry tones. A rich range of shades of black currant, dogwood, ripe cherry, red cherry. Spicy shades, a light fresh bay leaf tone.

Taste: Ripe wine with continuation of fruit and berry tones, a hint of fresh blackcurrant juice, a slight sourness of fresh dogwood. The aftertaste is long, berryish, with a piquant spice.

Serving: Recommended to serve at 12-14 °С, decant before serving.

Sommelier recommendations: This unusual mix has great gastronomic potential due to its complexity and spicy flavors. Well accompanied by hot appetizers, meat dishes with complex sauces, grilled meat dishes. It goes well with hard, savory cheeses.

Vinarium - Gold
Vinarium - Gold
The VINARIUM 2021 International Wine Competition is organized by ASER Consulting & Management in partnership with the Association of Authorized Tasters of Romania (ADAR) under the patronage of the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine) and VINOFED (World Federation of Major International Wineries and Wineries). Spirits Competition. conducted in accordance with the Rules for International Wine Competitions developed by the OIV; samples will be judged by an international jury, whose members are recognized for their experience and professionalism. Our dry red wine Shumrinka — Semisam Saperavi-Sira was awarded a Gold Medal. "
DWWA - Platinum
DWWA - Platinum
In April, the most prestigious international competition Decanter World Wine Awards 2021 (DWWA) was held in London (UK). During 15 days the jury, consisting of 170 experts of the highest category, of which 44 «Master of Wine» and 11 «Master Sommelier» tasted 18,094 wines from 56 countries of the world. The highest score in the history of participation of Russian wines in the Decanter World Wine Awards, 97 out of 100, was given to the wine of the private winery Shumrinka — Semisam Saperavi-Sira 2018, for which it was awarded a platinum medal. " Stunningly deep, fleshy, which shimmers on the palate with intense, flexible, fruit. Dark ripe fruit with spicy notes of black olives on the nose. Sophisticated and elegant. "
ЧФВ - Gold
ЧФВ - Gold
The Black Sea Winemaking Forum (CFW) is a specialized complex industry event, once again supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. The competition is held according to the standards of the OIV (International Organization of Viticulture and Winemaking). The tasting committee of the competition consists of leading experts from the countries of the region — Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia. The chairman of the jury is Stanimir Stoyanov (Chairman of the Union of Oenologists of Bulgaria). Our dry red wine Shumrinka — Semisam Saperavi-Sira was awarded a Gold Medal. "

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