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The private winery SHUMRINKA is located in the village of Gai-Kodzor, Anapa District, Krasnodar Territory.

The winery owner Alexander Kislitsyn together with chief agronomist Vlado Juričić and chief winemaker - oenologist Roman Logunov create unique wines generously filled with the sun of Southern Russia.

The trademark owes its name to the local river Shumrinka. The first vineyards were planted in the Shumrinka Valley in 2016 - the first 50 hectares with a high planting density, 5,208 vines per hectare. In subsequent years, the vineyard area was expanded.

SHUMRINKA grows seventeen grape varieties: Merlot, Malbec, Syrah, Pinot Blanc, Malvasia, Marselan, and others. A rare Serbian Probus variety was planted as an experiment.

Advanced agricultural techniques are combined with traditional manual labor in the vineyards. An unmanned aerial vehicle with special software monitors the dryness of the soil. At different points in the vineyards, meteorological stations have been installed, which transmit data to the agronomist about soil temperature. But all weeds are weeded out by hand, since only this method allows us not to use herbicides at all. Vlado Juričić, chief agronomist, is very sure that not only careful cultivation of the land is important for a high-quality harvest, but also the preservation of biodiversity in the vineyards.

SHUMRINKA is focused on gentle methods of winemaking. These processes are supervised by the chief winemaker - oenologist Roman Logunov. The workshops are equipped with the latest technology: wines are aged in special metal containers, in French oak barrels of different degrees of firing, and ceramic amphoras.

In 2019, SHUMRINKA presented to the market the first two lines of its products - fresh young «Semisam» wines and more matured and rounded «Petrikor». In addition, true wine connoisseurs highly appreciated SHUMRINKA's exclusive wines: red «Surb Gevorg» 2017 and pink «Mellow Rose».
SHUMRINKA plans to gradually increase its production volume. Premium wines will always dominate the product range.

Visit to the winery

The valley of the Shumrinka River is a picturesque place inviting for hiking and active recreation.

We are always welcoming our guests, offering guided tours around vineyards and cellars, themed lectures and notable tastings.

Information on how to submit an application will soon appear on our website.

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