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About Terroir

The terroir is a “magic triangle” combining three components: a three-dimensional concept of the quality and character of the vineyard plot, the knowledge and experience of the viticulturist, and the quality of the vintage.

0 Landscape

The vineyard of the SHUMRINKA private winery is located on the territory of
Anapa Region, in the Eastern part of the Black Sea Caucasus, part of the Greater Caucasus mountain range. The vineyard is located on the slopes of Semisam – a ridge whose name can be translated from Turkic as "rocky".

The mild climate of Anapa, similar to the Mediterranean, is optimal for viticulture - the proximity of the sea provides late and cool spring, warm autumn, summer and winter without extreme temperatures.

1 Diversity

The height difference at the SHUMRINKA vineyard between the highest point, where the Syrah variety is planted, and the lowest at a small spring, where Chardonnay variety grows, is about 100 meters.

Generally, the slopes are oriented to the South and South-East, but there are also areas with Western and Northern exposure (this is important for the white grapes aroma in hot sunny climate).

There are 3 main types of soil in the vineyards: reddish clay, calcareous, and marl in some areas.

Such a variety of heights above sea level, expositions and associated microclimates, as well as soil differences, creates a wide palette of Shumrinka private winery terroir.

2 Approach

Competent selection of plots when laying vineyards, constant creative cooperation of the viticulturist and winemaker allow us to strive for top results with each of our grape varieties.

To find an approach to both complex red wines and fine white wines, we need to listen intently to the terroir. Year by year, season by season, deciphering the complex code of each of the vineyard plots set by nature itself.

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