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The Chardonnay grape harvest is sent for processing


Winegrowers of the «SHUMRINKA» company complete harvesting of white grapes of the early-maturing Chardonnay variety. A correspondent of the «Anapa Chernomorye» newspaper told us about the details of the process. He described his impressions of the «Shumrinka» vineyards as follows: «The view from here is amazing! Two eyes are not enough to catch all the perfectly straight rows of vines.»

Irina Remizova, a winegrower foreman with 15 years of experience in horticulture, shares her impressions of working at the SHUMRINKA farm: «I worked in «Sauk-Dere», and some other vineyards, but nowhere have I seen such beauty. The bushes are perfectly formed at the same height without any unnecessary growths, thickening. The vineyard is well ventilated which prevents disease. The bases of the bush are carefully weeded. And in between the rows, either lawn grass or oats and legumes are planted as green manure. This protects the soil from drying out and enriches it with natural organics...»

Responsible work in the vineyard has already been finished: weeding, planting, tying, truncating, chasing and other maintenance operations. It’s definitely very important to grow quality grapes. But it is even more important to correctly process them in order to obtain unique wine. After all, that is what matters for the economic result of the entire annual cycle of winegrowers' labor. Vlado Juričić, chief agronomist of SHUMRINKA, noted that this season was extreme: «The summer was very dry, and we feel concerned about it. We still don’t know how this will affect the quality and characteristics of the 2020 wine. After all, the end result of our work is not in boxes with grapes, it is in bottles of new vintage wine.»

«We like working here, we have nice relationship with other specialists and there are reasonable production rates. Vlado is a great specialist! He is able to notice things which our eyes cannot. He is literally “in love” with grapes, treats each vine like a child. His love towards grapes is very contagious and makes us build a special attitude to the grape bush as well,» say the girls from the team of winegrowers about the chief agronomist of SHUMRINKA.   

The Chardonnay crop is being processed, while the blue-black Shiraz is still ripening on the southwestern slopes. They will start cropping it in about a month, although the berries already taste excellent today.

Read our newspaper «Anapa Chernomorye» №63 dd 27.08.2020. and you will learn more about the grape harvest at SHUMRINKA and why they say about this winery: «For the good and for the glory of the Kuban!» 

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