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Shumrinka opened its doors for a tourists


The first guests visited the vineyards of our private winery in 2020. By the next summer, we are planning to start creating an extensive recreation area in the Shumrinka Valley. So far, guests visit the vineyards only as part of groups that are organized by wine guides. One group consists of 12-15 people.

Guests could explore the vineyards and get acquainted with the exclusive approach of Shumrinka to the grape business. 17 grape varieties grow in our vineyards. We have marked each piece of land with a nameplate of grape sort to make it easier for guests to navigate.
After walking among the vines, the guests can taste wine. The tasting takes place on the terrace, erected at the best observation point overlooking the vineyards.
This year our partners are the Wine History Bureau, the wine guide Daria Bezrukova (SimpleTravel provider in southern Russia) and the wine enthusiast and blogger Gertruda Kuznetsova. They organize trips for the guests.

«The winery will open its doors to all interested people when the tourist complex is ready. But it will not happen until next year. Wine History Bureau strongly recommends to visit the winery after opening!» – this is a feedback on our winery, published by Anna Buchatskaya and Svetlana Kiyashko, the founders of the Wine Stories.

This season Shumrinka welcomed not only the tourists, but also the professionals of the wine market, including purchasers from the largest retail chains, sommeliers and restaurateurs.

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