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SHUMRINKA on the screen


Footage from the private winery «Shumrinka» was included in Dennis Terekhov's movie «Wine. How it is done the Russian way» dedicated to Russian winemaking, aired by the MIR TV channel.

A special project of the MIR TV channel authored by Denis Terekhov was dedicated to the wineries of the Krasnodar Territory. The introduction on the TV channel's website says: «How to grow grapes correctly? Why the vine should suffer? Which wine is considered to be the best? We answer these questions in our special project and try to understand how it is done the Russian way».

The movie crew visited «SHUMRINKA» together with the «Vino and People» media club uniting media managers of the Russian largest publishing houses and media resources. The club is moderated by journalist and editor Alexei Sinelnikov and the head of the Union of Sommeliers and Experts of Russia Artur Sarkisyan.

Especially for the visit of the guests, a tasting terrace with the railing in the form of the hashtag #SHUMRINKA was built on the best viewpoint of the vineyards.

Footage of red wine pouring into a glass shot at this place became one of the vivid visual images of the film about Russian wine.

Alexander Kislitsyn, the founder and owner of the private winery SHUMRINKA, shared his opinion on the development of winemaking in Russia and his personal experience in this field with Denis Terekhov.

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