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SHUMRINKA 2020 – 100% organic


SHUMRINKA 2020 – 100% organic

An experiment on organic viticulture has been successfully completed in the vineyards of the private winery SHUMRINKA. All 56 hectares of the project used exclusively agricultural techniques approved by the standards of «green» viticulture in the 2020 viticulture season.

The first experiment on organic viticulture was carried out by a private winery SHUMRINKA in 2019 on 1.5 hectares of vineyard. When we work on the selected piece of land, we use only organic preparations based on natural substances - copper and sulfur. In 2020, the quality of the grapes and the condition of the vineyard allowed to extend this experience to the entire vineyard area - 56 hectares.

«The 2020 season was pretty dry, the vineyard was well ventilated and it was very well protected from the risks of fungal diseases. While the vineyard is young, it is too early for us to talk about a complete transition to organic, but I am satisfied with the results. This year we continued our experiments. On one and a half hectares of Merlot, we did not even use copper and sulfur, protecting our grapes with biological products based on microorganisms - fungi and bacteria. This experiment was also successful, and we will continue to work like that in future,» says the chief agronomist of Shumrinka Vlado Juričić.

One of the basic principles of the private winery SHUMRINKA is responsible viticulture and careful attitude towards our terroir. No herbicides have been used in the vineyard since it was established; weeds are fought only manually and by means of mechanization. Between rows, green manures such as cereals and legumes are grown. This helps attract beneficial insects and create biodiversity that helps vineyards cope with various hazards.

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