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The private winery SHUMRINKA is located in the village of Gai-Kodzor in Anapa District of Krasnodar Territory.

The winery owner Alexander Kislitsyn together with chief agronomist Vlado Juričić and chief winemaker - oenologist Roman Logunov create unique wines generously filled with the sun of Southern Russia.

The trademark is named after the local river Shumrinka.
The first vineyards were planted in the Shumrinka Valley in 2016. The first 50 hectares had a high planting density, 5,208 grapevines per hectare.

Today SHUMRINKA grows seventeen grape varieties, including: Merlot, Malbec, Syrah, Pinot Blanc, Malvasia, Marselan, and others. A rare Serbian Probus variety was planted as an experiment.

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Arthur Sarkisyan
Honored Sommelier of Russia.
Author of the «Annual Wine GUIDE»

We have been following the development of the SHUMRINKA project for three years, practically from the moment the vineyard was laid out. Already the first experiments of the farm with purchased grapes proved the professionalism of the serious project team.

I’m strongly convinced that before investing in winemaking in Russia, you need to choose specialists. Alexander Kislitsyn, the owner of Shumrinka, definitely succeeded in it. I was again pleased with the appearance of the vineyard itself, under the loving care of the Serbian agronomist Vlado Juričić. The vines are already 5 years old and this year Shumrinka expects a good harvest. Experiments with organics and bio-preparations for plant protection are being carried out at several plots.

The head of the winery is Roman Logunov and I believe he is one of the smartest Russian oenologists. His proper assessment of wines and his desire for personal growth always inspire my trust.

This year we’re expecting that the winery will acquire 80 barrels made of French oak and some of American. All of them are the best manufacturers, different firing - almost all barrels are different. The first 10 thousand bottles of «classics» are saved for aging.

Everything in Shumrinka is just about to start.

Arthur Sarkisyan
Honored Sommelier of Russia.
Author of the «Annual Wine GUIDE»

The farm is currently in the active process of searching for its own style, approach to terroir, and that is the right way how it is supposed to be.

The main thing is that the wines of the first release, with which Shumrinka will enter the market, are certainly a big success. The decision to work in a young vineyard with complex and different blends will pay off.

The line begins with the basic series «Semisam» - this is the name of the mountain range, the beginning of the Greater Caucasus, on the slope of which the Shumrinka’s vineyard is located. The white wine of this series delights with its bright fruitiness and fresh, clean structure. Тhe red wine is a combination of Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah in berryness, good constitution and, again, purity. Three more wines are planned under the «Semisam» brand, indicating the varieties on the label. «Malvasia» is clean, fruity with an emphasis on nutmeg shades. It is an unusual combination of Syrah and Saperavi and the traditional Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot.

The higher line «Petrikor» is a confident, powerful red wine and a particularly successful white blend «Petrikor» based on Aligote and Riesling. It would be great if there were more white wines like this on the market.

Maria Goreslavskaya
Editor-in-chief of the «Euromag» magazine

«The best example is the young Shumrinka winery. Young vines have already produced excellent wines in different (which is important!) price categories. It is infinitely gratifying that Russian winemaking demonstrates such successes in such a short timeframe, not in the most simple and favorable environment.

"One hundred percent discovery - «Surb Gevorg» (Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Merlot). It is perfect for blind tasting for supertuscany lovers (aka «Russian wine haters»)).».

Alexey Sinelnikov
Journalist, editor, author of the Telegram channel «Wine and People»

«Success is the fate of Shumrinka. The owner of the winery, Alexander Kislitsyn, is one of those rare people who just do everything right from the very beginning.

Keep in mind new lines. As you already know, every year we have a new favorite among wineries. It seems the time is just about to come for Shumrinka, Semisam, Petrikor, Surb Gevorg. The «Semisam» line is basic, fresh, for summer days. «Petrikor» and «Surb Gevorg» are adult wines, the fans of Burgundy were pretty surprised.

Wines got their names according to where they were born. Shumrinka is a name of a river. The basic wine «Semisam» is named after the mountains. «Surb Gevorg» got its name from the Armenian church in Gai-Kodzor. Only «Petrikor» falls out of this series. But you can’t imagine how original it is! It reminds of the smell of earth after rain. It is a word artificially created half a century ago from the Greek petra (stone) and ichor (liquid in the veins of the gods)».

Ilya Loevsky
Deputy Head of «Roskachestvo»

«Shumrinka, bravo! «Semisam» is a basic line, different and beautiful. Talking about the reds, my heart is with «Saperavi-Syrah».

Karina Sogoyan
Wine expert, member of the Union of Sommeliers and Russian Experts

«Shumrinka's «Mellow Rose» ’19 is made of Malbec, and it is wonderfully tender and lovely.

Cranberries in powdered sugar and tea rose, pink cherry and light hibiscus. Slender body, delicate texture, excellent balance and harmony, strong acidity and long taste afterwards. This rosé is one of the best in Russia».


Visit to the winery

The valley of the Shumrinka River is a picturesque place inviting for hiking and active recreation.

We are always welcoming our guests, offering guided tours around vineyards and cellars, themed lectures and notable tastings.

Information on how to submit an application will soon appear on our website.

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